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Tell me what you see is an asymmetric cooperative game for 2 players. One of them plays inside a room in VR while the other has an overview of that room (with an avatar of the VR player included) and plays on a PC with a mouse.

Both the perspective and the way in which they interact with the room is different, so they have to collaborate in order to understand and solve the puzzles.

The interactions for the VR player are often more direct, she can grab objects, activate mechanisms, etc. The PC player, on the other hand, changes the world indirectly by making objects fall or blowing the microphone to create wind in the room.

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Published 202 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorFran Avilés

Install instructions

It has to be open first on the PC that will use VR and second on the PC with mouse and keyboard controls. Once that both computers are connected, the game will run.

VR Controls:

Uses HTC Vive motion controllers

Trigger interacts with the game world

Second player:

Arrow-keys on keyboard rotates the camera

Mouse pointer and click to interact with the game world

Both players can exit the game by pressing ESC


TMWYSAlpha.zip (54 MB)

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